Account Management Tailored to Each Individual Client   Our investment management focus emphasizes both the growth and preservation of our Clients' investment assets. Portfolios are constructed and managed pursuant to an agreed Client Investment Policy Statement (reflecting each Client's particular circumstances, investment objectives and risk tolerance) and are well-diversified through a broad exposure to different asset classes (e.g. equities and fixed income), to different industry sectors and individual securities, and to different international markets.
Account Flexibility We manage both Registered Accounts (RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, LIRAs, TFSAs) or Non-Registered Accounts (e.g. regular cash or margin accounts). Accounts can be managed on a Discretionary Account or Non-Discretionary Account basis.

Thorough Client Coverage Reporting and Accountability We are committed to provide both highly professional and extensive client service. This means continuous access to your Advisor ... informative monthly statements.....periodic investment reviews.....and ongoing performance accountability.

Safekeeping of Client Assets All Client Accounts are opened in the Client’s name with National Bank Correspondent Network (a subsidiary of the National Bank) who acts as custodian and holds in safekeeping all Client cash accounts, funds and investment securities.